Our suppliers

At Doppiozero we use only fresh and traditional Italian ingredients in order to ensure the highest quality of our produce. In doing this, we select our suppliers very carefully.

Carnevale is a big importer of Italian premium brands for cheeses, cured meats, pasta and so on. For further information:  https://www.carnevale.co.uk 

Tenuta San Pietro a Pettine is our supplier of fine truffles located in Umbria (Italy). For further information:  http://www.sanpietroapettine.it/en/ 

Vini Italiani is an awarded Italian wines importer with a unique range of wines coming from many Italian regions. For further information: http://www.italianwines.com


 Chadwicks Butchers provides us with organic and high quality meat. It was named Best Food Retailer in 2017. For further information: http://www.chadwicksbutchers.com



Moxon's is a London based fishmonger trading the best fish in UK. For further information: http://www.moxonsfreshfish.com